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ONE Plenary (Circular Economy: From Problems to Solutions)

  • 1.  ONE Plenary (Circular Economy: From Problems to Solutions)

    Posted 07-24-2021 21:31
    Hear from three of the world's leading thinkers on Circular Economy (From Problems to Solutions) Professor Tima Bansal, Pavan Sukhdev (CEO of GIST and WWF Ambassador) and Professor Veena Sahajwalla in the ONE plenary on August 3 (session 1087).

    Sukhbir Sandhu
    Associate Professor
    University of South Australia

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    Posted 07-25-2021 08:22
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    Might your speakers and/or individual members of your division care to have a warm up session a day earlier in our live Caucus to discuss how to design and introduce "Education for Managing Existential Risks of Humanity. This will require a circular economy based on the insights of Elinor Ostrom and system scientists.

    However we no of no institution that teaches how to introduce self-managing polycentric self-governing organizations required for a circular economy. This introduces a reputational challenge for scholars who have made their reputations in researching intrinsically toxic centralized command and control hierarchies favoured by political dictators that dominate modern society.

    As stated in our approved proposal we need to force interdisciplinary cross-fertilization. We would welcome your division forming during our Caucus a breakout group to report back to others how best to achieve our mutual complementary objectives. My co-organisor Sharam Alijani based in Paris and myself based in Sydney Australia would welcome having a zoom chat to discuss how we may best collaborate? The time zones are identified in our attached Caucus description. The first two pages are posted in the program at

    Best wishes from:

    Professor Sharam Alijani             +33 6739 2227  

    Dr Shann Turnbull                         +61 418 222 378  


    Shann Turnbull
    Int. Institute for Self-governance
    Sydney NSW


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