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Transforming Business School Education

  • 1.  Transforming Business School Education

    Posted 07-23-2020 22:57

    July 28 – Open House - on transforming business school education

    James A.F. Stoner

    Please join members of business schools aligning their entire curriculum and some of their research to be fully aligned with the need for a sustainable/flourishing/- regenerating world, and doing so in only three years.

    The schools are creating curricula and research that are relevant for the realities of the 21st Century – not the fictions, myths, and ideologies of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

    Are you tired of:

    Finance courses that preach the purpose of the firm is to maximize shareholder wealth and that the neoliberal narrative is the basis for creating a socially just and fair world?

    Economics courses that assume exponential growth can continue forever on a finite planet and that GDP is a true measure of economic success and human well-being?

    Marketing courses that teach how to take-make-waste faster-and-faster for the richer-and-richer?

    Accounting courses that teach their only responsibility is to count dollars and that externalities are unworthy of counting and somebody else's problem, anyway?

    Ethics courses that teach how to maximize shareholder wealth with a good conscience while avoiding going to jail?

    Management, strategy, and operations courses that don't challenge any of the above while figuring out the best way to maximize shareholder wealth and conduct business within the unchallenged neoliberal narrative?

    If you want to hear from and about business schools that are transforming their curricula and research to contribute to a sustainable/flourishing/regenerating world and are doing so in only three years ––or have already done so -- please join us on at noon and/or midnight Tuesday, July 28th (12:01 PM and 11:59 PM (EDT) or at the appropriate time anywhere in the world.

    If you want to join a global movement to transform the world by transforming business education everywhere, soon, you can do so --- the cost to join is zero and the cost to continue is zero. The benefits include a new away of being in your classrooms and in your field.

    You are welcome to learn about and benefit from what these schools are doing whether not you join, however you will be living in a different world when your school commits to transforming its curriculum and some to much of its research to be fully aligned with the need for sustainable/flourishing/regenerating world in just three years.

    Date: Tuesday, July 28

    Times: one hour starting at 12:01 PM EDT (noon) AND one hour starting at 11:59 PM EDT (midnight)

    Registration is desirable but not necessary at:

    Please join us: 7/28 noon:

                   7/28 midnight:

    James Weichert
    Project Manager