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  • 1.  SMI WEBINAR - WEDNESDAY NOV 17 2021 – 12 PM EST

    Posted 10-28-2021 13:38

    We are excited!!! The new SUSTAINABILITY MINDSET INDICATOR is ready to be launched and Isabel Rimanoczy, author of the Sustainability Mindset Principles and Convener of the PRME Working Group of the Sustainability Mindset, wants to share it with you! 

    After years of research and work, the automated version of this personal development tool focused on the 12 aspects key for a sustainability mindset will be available to educators and students. Individuals receive their 32+ page Personalized Report, and educators receive an Instructors Report, mapping the profile of their group, which are the strongest areas, which need attention, and why it matters. To further support educators, a SMI Instructors' Resource book that is packed with information on how to interpret group results of the SMI and suggestions for teaching activities will also be made available for a small fee. 

    If you haven't tried it out, go to and take the Demo. 

    The SMI has been shortlisted among 1100 submissions for the REIMAGINE EDUCATION - FOR SUSTAINABILITY AWARD, organized by Wharton and QS, from UK. Reimagine Education is the world's largest awards program for innovative pedagogies. It culminates in a virtual global forum for educational thought-leaders when the awards will be announced between 8 and 10 December.  

    YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN  our 60 MIN WEBINAR ON MONDAY NOVEMBER 17TH  FROM  12 NOON TO 1 PM – It is FREE and we would like you to sign up. 


    Meeting ID: 873 8485 7486 Passcode: 334956


    Isabel Rimanoczy
    UN PRME Working Group
    Fort Lauderdale FL