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    Posted 07-30-2021 13:16

    Join the SOCIAL EVENTS organized by the ONE Division this year! Don't miss the opportunity to meet new people, greet old friends, relax and have fun in a stimulating and informal environment!


    To take into account the different time zones, we have planned two different events:


    American/European/African Time Zone: Monday 2nd of August at 10am EST/16pm CEST ( Session 842


    Let's meet and greet one laugh after the other! For this social event we have invited a stand-up comedian to be on hand to reveal the tricks of the trade. Next, we'll break into small groups to put these tips into practice, and then share the best jokes created in each group. Whether you're a Twitter jokester or need to improve your sense of irony, it's sure to be a lot of fun!


    Asian/Australian Time Zone: Tuesday 3rd of August at 6.30am IST/11am AEST (9pm EST on 2nd of August for the night owls on the East Coast) ( Session 1055)


    We don't miss a single day to maintain our dental hygiene. Are we doing anything about our mental hygiene?

    In this virtual face-to-face workshop, Certified Art of Living breath and meditation trainers will interact with you live as they guide you through the session. You'll experience real meditation, breathing technique, manage your mind and learn about  Sudarshan Kriya®. 


    We hope to see all of you there!




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