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Sustainability Special Issue - "Sustainability and Innovation: New Technologies Shaping the Marketplace"

  • 1.  Sustainability Special Issue - "Sustainability and Innovation: New Technologies Shaping the Marketplace"

    Posted 07-24-2020 10:26

    Deadline for manuscript submissions: 20 January 2021.


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    Dear Colleagues,

    Focus: This special issue will focus on how marketing expertise and new technologies can be strategically combined and effectively applied to the cause of promoting responsible consumption, preserving the environment, and fostering corporate social responsibility.

    Scope: This special issue is intended to capture some of the emerging innovations that can improve environmental and social performance and the impact that they are making for both firms and consumers.

    Purpose: This special issue seeks to explore the opportunity, development and application of new technologies to promote responsible consumption, environmental preservation, and corporate social responsibility. As firms respond to growing market demand for sustainable products and increased pressure to have a positive reputation for environmental performance and social responsibility, there are significant opportunities for innovation. 

    Specific areas of focus may include (but are not limited to):

    • New manufacturing technologies resulting in more sustainable products
    • Sustainable farming (e.g., smart farming, plant-based meat alternatives, technologies resulting in improved animal welfare, efficiencies, reduced food waste)
    • Emerging supply chain/transportation innovation changing the way consumers access and use products
    • New retail technologies, including E-commerce impacts
    • Packaging innovation that reduces waste or environmental impact
    • Product innovation (e.g., new food alternatives, alternative fuel vehicles, elimination of harmful chemicals, innovation resulting in more efficient performance, etc.) and design for sustainability
    • New behavior tracking technologies encouraging sustainable consumption or behaviors
    • Marketing and branding of sustainable innovations
    • Consumer socialization as it relates to innovations leading towards sustainable or responsible consumption
    • Relationships between firm environmental affairs, regulators, vendors, and customers on firm performance and emergence of new technologies

    Topics can include (but are not limited to):

    • Firm strategies to commercialize sustainable innovations
    • Marketing tactics to aid in environmentally friendly and socially responsible consumption, including new approaches to reduce consumption
    • Advertising and marketing communication strategies surrounding green, sustainable, or socially responsible initiatives, including the impact of new media technologies, social media, celebrity endorsement, anthropomorphism, etc.
    • Consumer motivators and deterrents to adoption of sustainable innovations, including attitudes, knowledge, education, values, culture, religion, politics, etc.
    • Consumer demand for sustainable innovation or backlash against firms as a result of sustainability actions
    • Changes in consumer behavior resulting from new technologies and corporate sustainability actions
    • Impact of the sustainability culture within firms on ability to produce and successfully market sustainable innovations
    • Ability of firms to impact United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) through innovations
    • Impact/performance of emerging technologies (economic, environmental, social)
    • Impact of government regulation/public policy on sustainability innovation, resulting in improved animal welfare, worker conditions, environmental impact, consumer welfare, economic performance, etc.

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