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QUASI seminar, Sep 17th, 1130am-1pm EDT

  • 1.  QUASI seminar, Sep 17th, 1130am-1pm EDT

    Posted 08-31-2021 12:27
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    Please join us for the first seminar in the 2021-22 QUASI series. On September 17th, from 11:30am to 1pm, we will debate the question, Are corporate "win-win" strategies an effective way of alleviating social and environmental problems? Mark Kramer takes the "yes" position, Andy King on "no", Irene Henriques explains why "it depends", and Auden Schendler provides a practitioner perspective. It's going to be a great seminar -- don't miss it!

    A flyer that includes the reading list is attached.

    Details on how to register for this and all the remaining seminars are here:

    See you there (virtually),

    Michael Barnett
    Rutgers University
    Newark NJ
    (973) 353-3697