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    Posted 02-16-2021 09:31

    February 2021


    Message From The ONE Chair


    Dear ONErs,


    I first want to express my condolences and sympathies to everyone who has been personally impacted by the COVID pandemic. For far too many this has been the hardest year of their lives. I also realize how lucky many of us are as faculty to be able to teach our classes and conduct our research in a safe manner through the pandemic while so many have lost their livelihoods, family members, and friends.


    While it may seem like a strange time for optimism, that is what I feel as I write this letter today. We have weathered the horrors, losses, and impacts of the COVID pandemic, and I honestly believe we are now emerging into a time of innovation and impact. Perhaps I am naïve, but many have seen the lack of a globally coordinated response to the pandemic as a pre-cursor and wake-up call to the impacts of climate change. Here in the U.S. it is exciting to see the attention being paid to climate change by the new Biden administration, aligned with a plan for economic recovery from COVID. I believe there is potential for rebuilding our global economy in a more sustainable and just manner in the wake of the pandemic.


    And, I believe every one of us teaching and researching ONE topics are well positioned to help accelerate that transition. By bringing a business perspective to healing our natural environment and our economy we can offer a unique voice. To me, this is the promise of ONE.


    The ONE team is hard at work crafting the most interactive and exciting online version of the AOM conference that we possibly can. I want to thank our Program Chair Sukhbir Sandhu and our PDW Chair Martina Linnenluecke for the hours and hours of work they are putting in to create engaging and exciting program. And thank you to everyone who submitted their work for consideration.


    Our Greening Team, which will be renamed the Impact Team going forward, headed up by Sylvia Greswatch, continues to consider how ONE can lead the way in pushing for greater online accessibility to decrease the carbon footprint and increase the inclusivity of AOM. Our hope is that when we are able to safely get together in person, the lessons learned regarding providing online access will not be lost, but rather lay the groundwork for an annual conference that provides access to all scholars regardless of their budget or location.


    We are also excited to announce the integration of a new PhD Team into ONE. We initiated this by having Lucrezia Nava from the recently formed Sustainability PhD Community become an Ex Officio member of our executive team. The goal is to add the PhD Team as a formal team within ONE to: 1) help the executive committee understand how best to support PhD students interested in an ONE career and 2) create a mechanism for PhD students to volunteer and assist with the ONE annual meeting. Supporting PhD students and scholars early in their career is a central focus for ONE, so we are very excited about this initiative.


    Finally, as many of you already know, our incoming Chair, Ivan Montiel, brings positive energy and excellence to everything he does. Working with Ivan is always a pleasure, and he is already driving forward an agenda focused on helping all ONE scholars to make the biggest impact they can. Combined with the amazing efforts of our volunteers across the Awards, Communications, International, Membership, Program, and Teaching teams ONE is in great hands. But, we could always use more help – so be sure to take the chance to nominate yourself or others to join us!


    I look forward to (virtually) seeing all of you at the AOM conference this summer and raising a glass together in person as soon as possible.



    Jeff York, ONE Chair