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ONE Times May 2020, New publications

  • 1.  ONE Times May 2020, New publications

    Posted 05-22-2020 10:57

    New Publications

    Congratulations to all ONE members that recently published – below are several of these:


    Journal articles and book chapters

    Dahlmann, F. and Bullock, G., 2020. Nexus thinking in business: Analysing corporate responses to interconnected global sustainability challenges. Environmental Science & Policy, 107, pp.90-98.

    Georgallis, P., & Lee, B. (2020). Toward a theory of entry in moral markets: The role of social movements and organizational identity. Strategic Organization18(1), 50-74. (Open access at

    Kolk, A. & Ciulli, F. (2020). The potential of sustainability-oriented digital platform multinationals. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions34, 355-358 (open access at


    Montgomery, A.W. and Dacin, M.T. (Forthcoming). “Water Wars in Detroit: Custodianship and the Work of Institutional Renewal.” Academy of Management Journal (available at

    • Winner, IACMR-RRBM Award for Responsible Research in Management (2020)


    Quarshie, A. M., & Leuschner, R. (2020). Interorganizational Interaction in Disaster Response Networks: A Government Perspective. Journal of Supply Chain Management

    Serdijn, M., Kolk, A. & Fransen, L. (2020). Uncovering missing links in Global Value Chain Research – and implications for Corporate Social Responsibility and International Business. Critical Perspectives on International Business (open access at


    Weerawardena, J., Sullivan Mort, G., Salunke, S. & Haigh, N. 2020. Introduction to Special Issue on Business Model Innovation in Social Purpose Organizations. Journal of Business Research (in press).



    Teaching cases


    Hsieh, Nien-hê, Michael Toffel, and Olivia Hull. "Global Sourcing at Nike." Harvard Business School case 619-008 (2019) and teaching note 619-061 (2019)


    Iansiti, Marco, Michael Toffel, and James Barnett. "Indigo Agriculture: Harnessing Nature." Harvard Business School case 620-024 (2019) and teaching note (620-075)


    Toffel, Michael, and Sarah Gulick. "Fossil Fuel Divestment." Harvard Business School case 620-093 (2020).


    Toffel, Michael, John Masko, and Sarah Mehta. "JUUL and the Vaping Revolution." Harvard Business School case 619-006 (2018, revised 2020 and teaching note 619-068 (2019)



    ONE Communications Team