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"System change, not climate change!" -- invitation to a PDW

  • 1.  "System change, not climate change!" -- invitation to a PDW

    Posted 07-27-2021 20:27

    Dear Colleagues – please join us in a synchronous live PDW at the 2021 Academy of Management Meeting on

    System Change, not Climate Change: Opportunities and Constraints in Current and Alternative Systems

    Monday, August 2, 17:00 - 19:00 PDT 

    (session 1047)


    In the past few decades, we have seen the gradual emergence of organization and management research that addresses what firms can do to mitigate climate change and other environmental dangers. As others have noted, much of our field's research has focused on the firm level, aiming to explore how firm-level choices can help or harm the environment. Rich as this research has been, however, the broader system-the rules of the game-limit what firms can do in the face of the climate crisis. So management scholarship must move beyond its current focus on firm-level and individual-level behavior, to focus more attention on the broader system that sets the rules of the game. The environmental crisis is, in this sense, similar to other 'grand challenges' whose scale and urgency have pushed numerous thought- leaders in our field to urge us to broaden our focus To understand and respond to the climate emergency, we need to focus on the political- economic-cultural systems within which firms and individuals operate and on what plausible, different systems could better support local efforts to respond to environmental challenge. The overall goal of this PDW is to help our field develop the conceptual tools we need to understand our challenges at the system level and to contribute to the policy debates at that level. To accomplish this, the PDW will feature speakers offering a range of views. It will also create space for dialogue among them and with other participants.


    • Ana Maria Peredo (U. of Victoria)
    • Paul Adler (U. of Southern California)


    • Dev Jennings (Alberta School of Business): From eroding market and tech systems to flourishing regional designs
    • Paul Adler (U. of Southern Calif): From capitalism to socialism
    • Tima Bansal (Ivey Business School): From linear logic to systems thinking
    • John Jermier (U. of South Florida): From ecological civilization to eco-socialism
    • Paul Shrivastava (Penn. State U.): From talking the degrowth talk, to walking the walk


    Panelists will give short presentations of their views, then participants will engage with two of the panelists in succession in two rounds of breakout groups before rejoining a plenary discussion.

    Paul Adler
    University of Southern California
    Los Angeles CA