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Invitation to Two Live All Academy Symposia on Broadening Our Sight

  • 1.  Invitation to Two Live All Academy Symposia on Broadening Our Sight

    Posted 07-29-2020 12:53

    Please join us for two very exciting All Academy Theme Symposia (Live Panels) on Broadening Our Sight, both scheduled for Sunday, August 9, 2020.



    AAT Symposium Session #11533, Broadening Our Sight to a Living Systems Perspective: A New Core Organizing Logic for the Era of the Anthropocene. Sunday, August 9, 3:00 pm EDT.  David Korten (Living Economies Forum) will keynote this symposium building on his premise that we are living beings born of a living planet-and forget that at our peril. He will argue that as business educators we need to rethink the defining purpose and responsibility of businesses in our current era and present several core insights about living systems for structuring institutions of business, government, and civil society, including business schools. Sandra Waddock (Boston College), who organized the session, will introduce the themes and the framework for economics that supports life (briefly), and following David's talk, three thought leaders will respond to David Kortens comments from different perspectives. Christopher Laszlo (Case Western Reserve) will focus on how business education can advance a living systems perspective, Michael Pirson (Fordham) will argue that an alternative to today's dominant paradigm rests in humanistic management, and Andrew Hoffman (Michigan) will discuss the institutional and social shift that is before us in the Anthropocene.


     AAT Symposium Session #11592, Tackling Grand Challenges and Broadening Our Sight Beyond Neoliberalism, Sunday, August 9, 12:00  noon EDT. A panel of thought leaders will tackle the question of neoliberalism and its implications for dealing effectively with the many grand challenges the world is facing. Gerald F. Davis (Michigan) will argue that there has been a pervasive spread of markets to places where their influence had previously been muted. Financialization has problematically  turned almost anything with a possible income stream into a tradeable security. Dror Etzion  (McGill) will argue that informal conversations that unabashedly advocate for alternative perspectives on management scholarship are needed.  Jennifer Howard-Grenville (Cambridge) will discuss the mismatch between the environmental and social thresholds on a finite planet and the current industrial and economic system.  James P. Walsh (Michigan) will imagine a future where life is organized around an entirely different meta-narrative. Sandra Waddock (Boston College), session organizer, will introduce and frame the session around the importance of narrative and memes in rethinking today's dominant economic story.


    Sandra Waddock
    Galligan Chair of Strategy
    Boston College
    Carroll School of Management]
    Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 USA