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AOM LIVE Symposium: Corporate Social and Political Activism (Aug 2, 17:00 EDT)

  • 1.  AOM LIVE Symposium: Corporate Social and Political Activism (Aug 2, 17:00 EDT)

    Posted 07-23-2021 17:43
    Corporate Social and Political Activism
    (Click on this Link to the symposium)
    Format: Synchronous Live Open
    Scheduled: Monday, August 2 2021, 17:00 - 18:30 EDT
    Program Session: 869 | Sponsors: ONE, STR
    Firms and executives are increasingly taking a stand on socio-politically contentious issues such as racial equality, global warming, gun control, immigration, and LGBTQ rights. Yet, our scholarly understanding on the antecedents and consequences of this phenomenon of corporate activism remains limited. The goal of this panel is to explore key research questions to be answered and future directions & opportunities. Our panel includes scholars who are actively researching this topic and have made important contributions to our understanding of corporate activism. Panelists will share insights and engage with the audience on both the promise and potential pitfalls of studying this topic, as well as how a study of corporate activism can build from existing nonmarket literature and related strategy literatures.


    • Jay Barney, U. of Utah
    • Forrest Briscoe, Pennsylvania State U.
    • Vanessa Burbano, Columbia Business School
    • Aharon Cohen Mohliver, London Business School


    • Steve Kofford, U. of Utah
    • Haram Seo, Texas A&M U.
    • Kate Odziemkowska, Rice U.

    Haram Seo
    Assistant Professor
    Management | Texas A&M University
    College Station TX