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Distinguished Scholar Award: There is still time to nominate candidates!

  • 1.  Distinguished Scholar Award: There is still time to nominate candidates!

    Posted 04-21-2022 04:58
    There is still time to nominate candidates!

    The ONE Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes a prominent scholar whose
    contributions have been central to the development of the field of
    environmental management/sustainable business, and who has made a
    significant impact on ONE scholarship. The winner will receive a
    commemorative plaque from the ONE Division, a check for $500 from the
    ONE division and the award sponsor, recognition at the annual ONE
    Business Meeting at the Academy of Management Conference, as well as a
    listing with previous and future winners on the ONE homepage.

    With this award, we seek to acknowledge scholars who have taken a
    leadership role in the field of ONE by opening up lines of thinking or
    inquiry. The distinguished scholar is someone who has started
    conversations, built up or extended the ONE community, contributed new
    ideas and scholarship to the field, and has spanned disciplinary
    boundaries. For example, such a scholar may have started or moved
    forward a journal or scholarly series, established research centers or
    networks, developed foundational research concepts, or been particularly
    active in training and mentoring those new to the field.

    Candidates that are nominated but do not win the award will be
    automatically re-nominated for the subsequent three years.

    The nomination process is relatively simple. One can self-nominate or be
    nominated by others. A nomination consists of a short statement (no more
    than two pages) about the candidate sent via e-mail by April 30, 2022,
    along with a complete, up-to-date CV, to the Distinguished Scholar Award
    Committee Chairs, Magali Delmas ( and Alberto
    Arag??n-Correa (, and the ONE Awards Committee (through
    Natalia Ortiz-de-Mandojana??? The nomination application
    should point out contributions to and influence on ONE scholarship.
    Nomination letters should also highlight activities of the scholar that
    opened up lines of inquiry, new journals, series, conferences or
    workshops, PhD programs, post-doctoral programs, and the establishment
    or furthering of dedicated sustainability centers. The awards committee
    may also seek out additional information from the nominee directly.

    The awards committee will examine each nominee???s overview statement and
    corpus of research, paying attention to both research contributions and
    the development of our research community. Research contributions will
    be evaluated according to the criteria normally applied in other ONE
    awards to assess quality: relevance, academic contribution, theoretical
    and methodological rigor, and practical implications. Broader scholarly
    contributions to our community will be based on nomination statements,
    the committee???s knowledge of the field, and information sometimes
    solicited from third-party experts. The committee will choose a single
    ONE Distinguished Scholar Award winner for the year.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Magali Delmas,
    Alberto Arag??n-Correa, or Natalia Ortiz-de-Mandojana.

    Thank you for your interest!