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Call for papers. Special Issue in Sustainability: "Climate Change Mitigation and Urban Sustainable Development".

  • 1.  Call for papers. Special Issue in Sustainability: "Climate Change Mitigation and Urban Sustainable Development".

    Posted 07-17-2020 07:38
    Edited by Dante Ignacio Leyva-de La Hiz 07-18-2020 21:15
    Special Issue in Sustainability: "Climate Change Mitigation and Urban Sustainable Development".
    Submission Deadline: Oct 31, 2020.



    This Special Issue examines how urban sustainable development incorporates climate change mitigation strategies and innovations. Sustainable development is defined in accordance with Our Common Future (1987)1: "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Therefore, this issue considers how cities are mitigating climate change as part of their sustainable development. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are helpful guidance as a holistic set of goals for cities' sustainable development. Focusing on climate change is crucial for cities, as they are responsible for generating a large percentage of the earth's total greenhouse gases. Our centers of rapidly growing populations need leadership to make innovative infrastructure investments and use change management techniques ultimately to reduce emissions for the sake of the planet. While this issue invites academic research from a variety of areas such as management and business, economics, political science and international relations, sociology, urban studies, public administration, natural sciences, engineering, architectural and building sciences, etc., empirical research focusing on the aforementioned topic is encouraged. Rigorous quantitative and/or qualitative studies should support well-developed theoretical propositions, incorporating evidence from previous academic research and innovative thinking. This academic research will inform policy and industry for mitigating climate change in cities.
    1 Our Common Future. World Commission on Environment and Development. Oxford University Press, Oxford (1987).
    See here for more information.