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Three new year resolutions!!!

  • 1.  Three new year resolutions!!!

    Posted 23 days ago
    Edited by Sukhbir Sandhu 23 days ago

    Wishing you all a very happy and joyful 2021!

    How about adding three new year resolutions to your list...

    Resolution 1: Submit your scholarly articles, symposium and PDWs to the Organizations and the Natural Environment division! Let us make a difference through our research! (Only 11 days left for AOM 2021 submissions!)

    Resolution 2: Sign up to be a ONE reviewer for the 2021 AOM! We really really need you!

    Resolution 3: Be kind to yourself and the people around you!

    Here's to a kinder and gentler year ahead!

    Warm regards,


    Sukhbir Sandhu
    University of South Australia
    Adelaide SA