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  • 1.  Comparable book to The Green to Gold Business Playbook by Esty & Simmons?

    Posted 10-26-2021 12:44
    Colleagues, I have been using The Green to Gold Business Playbook by Esty and Simmons for many years as one of the texts in my Managing Organizations for Environmental Sustainability class, with good results. (I also use Foundations of Sustainable Business, 2nd Ed. by Sanders & Wood which takes a very different approach, and together they seem to work well).

    Esty and Simmons provide many suggested lists of actions that businesses can engage in with regards to various corporate environmental management practices and tools, as well as the many examples of cost savings and revenue enhancements that companies have experienced as they have taken these actions. Students appreciate both of these features, and together they help make a strong business case for sustainability and guidance for how to improve a firm's sustainability.

    The problem is that at this point the book was published ten years ago, and I am beginning to fear that the credibility of the information may be beginning to be called into question.

    I am curious as to how those of you who have used The Green to Gold Business Playbook feel about this, whether you have gotten any complaints that it is dated, whether you have found another book or source that provides updated information on economic benefits of sustainable practices, or any other actions you have taken to address these concerns.

    My spring classes just got rescheduled so that I will be teaching the sustainable business course again, so I have to get my book order in very quickly, and am wondering if it is time to retire the Esty and Simmons book.

    Thanks in advance for any input!


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  • 2.  RE: Comparable book to The Green to Gold Business Playbook by Esty & Simmons?

    Posted 10-27-2021 11:09
    It's funny, I teach an UG Business Strategy and Sustainability course in our program (part of our new Entrepreneurial Sustainability minor).  The first time I taught it (a year ago) I used Green to Gold, but then switched to the Foundations book this semester for the same reasons as you.  I think the Green to Gold does a better job with examples and a practical approach (handbook) while the Foundations book offers a framework for discussion on similar topics.  However, I find it has to be supplemented with cases, videos, etc.  I hadn't thought of using both books (obvious solution).  I did quite a bit of searching this summer for a more recent all-in-one text that would suit my needs and other than the Foundations book I had no luck.  I too would love any thoughts.


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