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Open Online Course on "Organizing in Times of Crises".

  • 1.  Open Online Course on "Organizing in Times of Crises".

    Posted 07-17-2020 07:42
    Edited by Dante Ignacio Leyva-de La Hiz 07-17-2020 08:07

    Open Online Course on "Organizing in Times of Crises"

    A group of German and Austrian organizational and management scholars spearheaded by Elke Schüßler (University of Linz) and Leonhard Dobusch (University of Innsbruck) got together to develop, within a period of three weeks, a full online course entitled "Organizing in Times of Crisis: The Case of Covid-19".
    The Covid-19 crisis has forced teaching faculty around the world to rapidly reconsider their teaching approach. Not only did courses have to be moved fully online in a short period of time, but also did the crisis provide a unique context for sensitizing students of strategic management and organizations to the complexity in which the current economic system is organized, the challenges for management and leadership under this complexity and uncertainty, and the social embeddedness and responsibility of corporations.
    The course is designed in a fully online, radically asynchronous format, taking into account the challenges faculty and students alike might face in balancing work with care duties or possible illness. It challenges students in each assignment to use theoretical concepts and apply them to the Covid-19 crisis, thereby facilitating a deep understanding of these concepts while demonstrating their practical relevance and providing a reflection space for questions relating to the crisis situation.
    The course is targeted at students around the globe. All lectures, slides, and assignments are openly licensed (CC-BY) and a standard syllabus as well as lecture slides for re-use are available. All contributors provide short video lectures with basic insights as well as current research insights on topics related to crisis management. Examples include decision-making in times of crisis, crisis leadership, crisis communication, the role of open science, crisis and inequality or risk and resilience in global supply chains.
    Find more information and the course material at
    Georg Reischauer
    Elke Schüßler
    University Johannes Kepler