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PDW "Changing Socio-Ecological Systems at the Theory-Practice Nexus" sponsored by ONE and SIM Divisions

  • 1.  PDW "Changing Socio-Ecological Systems at the Theory-Practice Nexus" sponsored by ONE and SIM Divisions

    Posted 07-19-2021 12:14

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    Dear Colleagues,

    We invite you to an AOM 2021 panel symposium with a distinctive take on socio-ecological systems, focusing on how our community of scholars engage in systems thinking, systems mapping and systems change in their academic and societal impact endeavours. In this synchronous live open session, we look forward to your participation and live interaction with four teams of scholars that experimented working with socio-ecological systems mapping in past few months, as well as with our discussants. See you there!

    Changing Socio-Ecological Systems at the Theory-Practice Nexus

    (session 1151)

    Tuesday, August 3rd 2021, 9:00AM to 11:00AM EDT

    Systems mapping cases illustrated by our participating scholars' teams:

    1. Tackling Overfishing and Marine Waste in Finland

    2. Addressing food-related diseases in Nigeria

    3. Sustainability issues in the Italian leather industry

    4. Supporting renewable energy uptake under weak regulatory framework in Peru


    Helen Etchanchu (Montpellier Business School) 

    Sylvia Grewatsch (Brock University)

    Ralph Hamann (University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business) 


    Domenico Dentoni (Montpellier Business School), Rahmin Bender-Salazar (Wageningen University and Creativo Design), Carlo Cucchi (Wageningen University), Rob Lubberink (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences).

    Sponsors: ONE and SIM Divisions

    In this PDW, we collectively share, reflect and theorise on processes of mapping socio-ecological systems. To meet this goal collectively, four teams of brave and wonderful scholars will first pitch the outcomes of their systems mapping case experiments performed during the months before this PDW, and a reflection on their team process of systems mapping. Using these teams' pitches on brilliant empirical cases from Finland, Nigeria, Italy and Peru as input for our discussion, we will guide PDW participants - with the support of our three discussants - to collectively reflect on the pains and perks of using systems thinking, systems mapping, and systems change narratives in our scholarly work, education, capacity-building and societal impact activities meant to address socio-ecological grand challenges.

    Register through this link to AOM meeting program:

    Prof. Domenico Dentoni
    Full Professor in Business, Resilience & Transformation
    Montpellier Business School (MBS), Montpellier Research in Management (MRM)
    University of Montpellier
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