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ONE Times - Recent Examples of Engaging Practice

  • 1.  ONE Times - Recent Examples of Engaging Practice

    Posted 10-25-2021 17:31
    1. The reality of materiality – insights into current ESG materiality practice by Erasmus School of Economics, the World Business Council, and Impact Centre

    The reality of materiality – insights into current ESG materiality practice | Erasmus School of Economics | Erasmus University Rotterdam (

    1. Creating an engaging event - the 1st Leuphana Transformational Entrepreneurship Days

    Dear colleagues,

    as many of you know, this year we launched a new event: the Leuphana Transformational Entrepreneurship Days, organized by Leuphana University and supported by the ECSB. The idea for this event was both, simple and complex: bringing together researchers, educators and practitioners from various backgrounds who are passionate about creating a positive societal impact – through a transformational perspective on entrepreneurship. The simple thing: finding passionate people enthusiastic about creating impact. It was truly amazing how many people instantly shared our vision for this event. The more complex thing: providing an actual space for interaction and collaboration, so that our event itself could create positive impact.

    “Collaboration and exchange are the best ways of dealing with a complexity and future challenges! Thanks a lot for this inspiring event!” (participant’s feedback)

    To achieve this, we did not want a typical conference with keynotes, presentations and panel discussions, but instead an event at which people could actually work together. So, the first thing we did was start a call for “Impact Development Workshops” (IDWs). Our goal at that time: 6 workshops, two on each of the 3 days, that are of good quality. Well, we ended up with 10 workshops, 3-4 on each of the three days, and of great quality. The proposals we got were all so enticing that we decided to increase the number of workshops – and we never regretted this, but instead can say that all of these workshops were actually interactive and, as participants stated, refreshing and inspiring.

    “So many people working all around the globe on these topics – in practice and research – This is inspiring!” (participant’s feedback)

    Now, another goal was to get at least 80 registrations. We got 147. Also, the goal was to not make it a “too German” event, but that did not happen either: Instead, we had participants from all over the world. And this is a point at which the huge benefit of offering this as an online event came into play: we reached many more people with an online than with an offline event, the threshold to register was much lower to a free, online event, and it was indeed much more sustainable. The biggest challenge in this online environment was actually not creating engaged exchange – we got that covered through the IDWs and an interactive framework program. The biggest challenge turned out to be navigating the different time zones and making sure that everyone arrived in the right Zoom meeting at the right time [we’re still working on a better way of doing this, any suggestions are welcome!].

    “A new community of entrepreneurship researchers and practitioners for the 21st century is developing! J” (participant’s feedback)

    This was one of the feedbacks that made us most happy as it described so well what we are aiming to do with this event: building a community of passionate people who want to work on grand challenges together to actually make an impact. And this community is not a closed shop, but open to everyone who wants to join us in this endeavor. You can join us on LinkedIn in the group “Transformational Entrepreneurship”: or follow us on Twitter:

    And of course, you can join us at our future events and the next Leuphana Transformational Entrepreneurship Days! We already have a plethora of ideas of what we want to do next – and are so excited to build th is community with you!

    Verena Meyer & Annette Schöneck

    More on the event:

    Youthika Chauhan
    University of North Carolina
    Chapel Hill NC