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ONE Newsletter - New publications: journal articles and book chapters

  • 1.  ONE Newsletter - New publications: journal articles and book chapters

    Posted 02-16-2021 09:31

    February 2021


    New Publications By ONE Members

    Congratulations to all ONE members that recently published journal articles or book chapters!


    Journal articles and book chapters


    Arevalo, J.A., Mitchell, S.F., Rands, G., & Starik, M. (Eds.). (2020). Sustainability in Management Education [Special issue]. Journal of Management Education, 44(6).


    Awan, U., Nauman, S., and Sroufe, R. “Exploring the Effect of Buyer Engagement on the Green Product Innovation: Empirical Evidence from Manufacturers,” Business Strategy and the Environment, 2021; 30: 463-477


    Awan, U., Sroufe, R., Shahbaz, M. and Vihn Vo, X.  “Industry 4.0 and the Circular Economy: A Literature Review and Recommendations for Future Research,” Business Strategy and Environment, January 2021: 1-23. 


    Bohnsack, R., Ciulli, F., & Kolk, A. (2021). The role of business models in firm internationalization: An exploration of European electricity firms in the context of the energy transition. Journal of International Business Studies, doi: 10.1057/s41267-020-00364-4


    Brauer, D. and Sroufe R., “Quantifying the Order of Priorities in Student Choice of Graduate Business Schools: Does Sustainability Matter,” Journal of Management for Global Sustainability, Volume 8, Issue 2. 2020: 97-131.


    Carmine, S. & Smith, W. K. (2021). “Organizational Paradox.”, In Oxford Bibliographies in Management. Ed. Ricky Griffin. New York: Oxford University Press. DOI: 10.1093/OBO/9780199846740-0201


    Carmine, S., Andriopoulos, C., Gotsi, M., Härtel, C. E., Krzeminska, A., Mafico, N., ... & Keller, J. (2021). A Paradox Approach to Organizational Tensions During the Pandemic Crisis. Journal of Management Inquiry, 1056492620986863.


    Chkanikova, O., and Sroufe, R, “Third-party sustainability certifications in food retailing: certification design from a sustainble supply chain management perspective,” Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 282, February, 2021.


    Crawford, B., & Dacin, M. T. (2020). Policing work: Emotions and violence in institutional work. Organization Studies, online first.


    Crawford, B., Coraiola, D. M., & Dacin, M. T. (2020). Painful memories as mnemonic resources: Grand Canyon Dories and the protection of place. Strategic Organization, online first.


    Delmas, M. A., & Gergaud, O. (2021). Sustainable practices and product quality: Is there value in eco-label certification? The case of wine. Ecological Economics, 183, 106953.


    Earle, A., & Leyva-de la Hiz, D. I. (2020). The Wicked Problem of Teaching About Wicked Problems: Design-Thinking and Emerging Technologies in Sustainability Education. Management Learning. 1-23


    Easter, S., Ceulemans, K., & Kelly, D. (2020). Bridging Research‐Practice Tensions: Exploring Day‐to‐Day Engaged Scholarship Investigating Sustainable Development Challenges. European Management Review.


    Easter, S., Ceulemans, K., & Kelly, D. (2021). Bridging Research-Practice Tensions : Exploring Day-to-Day Engaged Scholarship Investigating Sustainable Development Challenges. European Management Review.


    Easter, S., Ceulemans, K., and Kelly, D. (2020). "Bridging Research Practice Tensions: Exploring Day to Day Engaged Scholarship Investigating Sustainable Development Challenges", European Management Review,


    Ergene, S., B. Banerjee and A. Hoffman (2020) “(Un)sustainability and organization studies: Towards a radical engagement,” Organization Studies,


    Figge, F., & Hahn, T. 2020. Business- and Environment-Related Drivers of Firms’ Return on Natural Resources: A Configurational Approach. Long Range Planning, published online ahead of print. doi:10.1016/j.lrp.2020.102066


    Gong M, Zhang Z, Ming J & Walls JL. 2021. Does having a critical mass of women on the board result in more corporate environmental actions? Evidence from China. Group and Organization Management, forthcoming.


    Hahn, T. 2020. Business Sustainability as a Context for Studying Hybridity. In L. B. Marya, & C. M. Bjoern (Eds.), Organizational Hybridity: Perspectives, Processes, Promises, Vol. 69: 115-138: Emerald Publishing Limited.


    Hahn, T., & Tampe, M. 2020. Strategies for Regenerative Business. Strategic Organization, published online ahead of print.. doi:10.1177/1476127020979228


    Hawn, O. (2021). How media coverage of corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility influences cross‐border acquisitions. Strategic Management Journal, 42(1), 58-83.


    Hoffman, A. (2020) “Business education as if people and the planet really matter,” Strategic Organization.


    Hoffman, A., and P.D. Jennings (2021) “Institutional-political scenarios for Anthropocene society,” Business & Society, 60(1): 57–94.


    Howard-Grenville J, Hahn T, Lyon T, Russo M & Walls JL. 2021. Leadership forum on organizations and sustainability: Taking stock, looking forward. Organization & Environment, forthcoming.


    Kahupi, I., Hull, C. E., Okorie, O., & Millette, S. (2020). Building Competitive Advantage with Sustainable Products–A Case Study Perspective of Stakeholders. Journal of Cleaner Production, 125699.


    Keller, J., Carmine, S., Jarzabkowski, P., Lewis, M. W., Pradies, C., Sharma, G., ... & Vince, R. (2021). Our Collective Tensions: Paradox Research Community’s Response to COVID-19. Journal of Management Inquiry, 1056492620986859.


    Leyva-de la Hiz, D.I., Aragón-Correa, J. A., & Earle, A. (2021). Innovating for good in opportunistic context: the case for firms’ environmental divergence. Journal of Business Ethics.


    MacDonald, A., Clarke, A., Ordonez-Ponce, E., Chai, Z., & Andreasen, J. (2020). Sustainability Managers: The Job Roles and Competencies of Building Sustainable Cities and Communities. Public Performance and Management Review, 43(6), 1413-1444.


    Millette, S., Hull, C. E., & Williams, E. (2020). Business incubators as effective tools for driving circular economy. Journal of Cleaner Production, 266, 121999.


    Odziemkowska, K. and Dorobantu, S., 2021. Contracting beyond the market. Organization Science, in press.


    Odziemkowska, K. and Henisz, W.J., 2020. Webs of influence: Secondary stakeholder actions and cross-national corporate social performance. Organization Science, in press.


    Ordonez-Ponce, E., & Khare, A. (2020). GRI 300 as a Measurement Tool for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Assessing the Impact of Car Makers on Sustainability. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 64(1), 47-75.


    Pain, G., Hickey, G., Mondou, M., Crump, D., Hecker, M., Basu, N., Maguire, S. 2020. “Drivers and Obstacles to the Adoption of Toxicogenomics for Chemical Risk Assessment: Insights from Social Science Perspectives”. Environmental Health Perspectives. DOI: 10.1289/EHP6500.


    Pio, E., & Waddock, S. (2020). Invoking indigenous wisdom for management learning. Management Learning, 1350507620963956.


    Pradies, C., Carmine, S., Cheal, J., e Cunha, M. P., Gaim, M., Keegan, A., ... & Keller, J. The Lived Experience of Paradox: How Individuals Navigate Tensions during the Pandemic Crisis. Journal of Management Inquiry, 1056492620986874.


    Salaiz A, Chiu SC & Walls JL. 2021. Sustainability agency at the top of the organization: Microfoundations research on corporate sustainability. In Teerikangas S, Onkila T, Koistinine K & Mäkelä M (Eds.) Edgar Elgar Research Handbook of Sustainability Agency, forthcoming.


    Sharma, G., & Bansal, P. (In press). Partnering Up: Including Managers as Research Partners in Systematic Reviews. Organizational Research Methods.


    Sharma, G., Bartunek, J., Buzzanell, P. M., Carmine, S., Endres, C., Etter, M., Fairhurst, G., Hahn, T., Lê, P., Li, X., Pamphile, V., Pradies, C., Putnam, L. L., Rocheville, K., Schad, J., Sheep, M., & Keller, J. 2021. A Paradox Approach to Societal Tensions During the Pandemic Crisis. Journal of Management Inquiry, published online ahead of print. doi:10.1177/1056492620986604


    Sharma, G., Bartunek, J., Buzzanell, P. M., Carmine, S., Endres, C., Etter, M., ... & Keller, J. (2021). A Paradox Approach to Societal Tensions during the Pandemic Crisis. Journal of Management Inquiry, 1056492620986604.


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